Become your own publisher through on demand book printing

The rise of digital technology has completely revolutionized book printing: nowadays you can become your own publisher without risk and at a lower cost. Impression Directe makes your literary projects real by printing your works on demand, in short runs and give them the look you have chosen.

Why print your book?

For professionals and individuals, the interest of the paper book is multiple. Whether it stands for a source of pleasure or a communication channel, it helps to transmit your history, your messages and your know-how:

  • Individuals: you have always dreamed of writing a novel or a practical guide? Get started! We carry out the publication stage. You will soon hold YOUR book in your hands…
  • Biographers: offer your clients a paper version of their story. We will take care of their memories;
  • Publishing houses: get control of your stocks by ordering small print runs;
  • Writing workshops: encourage your students by publishing their texts;
  • Photographers and artists: share your works in a beautiful book. We reproduce in high definition your photos, paintings, drawings, poems and graphic design;
  • Companies: You’d like to communicate in a different way? Publish your white paper, talk about your achievements, circulate your company’s history;
  • Associations: gain visibility by assembling in a book, the description of your activities, testimonials and anecdotes.

This is a non-exhaustive list; self-publishing is within everyone’s reach.

Our expertise serving your creativity

When you have finalized your manuscript, we will tell you how to format it as a pdf file so that we can operate it. We will then work together to make your book look professional and meet your expectations.
You can choose from multiple options:

  • Formats ;
  • Paper weight and color;
  • Soft or hardcover;
  • Binding type (stapled, glued or sewn book);
  • Finishes (scodix varnish, coating).

Once everything is approved, we will print and ship your books on demand, from a single copy.
You’re a writer? We’re a book printer! Let’s combine our talents to create a unique book reflecting your image. Contact us!