A network of printing companies based in the North of France to tackle all your challenges

Impression Directe has joined the Techniphoto group to better meet your expectations. The group has become a network of autonomous and performing printing houses whose complementarity constitutes one of the best assets.

Powerful synergies

With more than 420 employees, Techniphoto group is located in France, and spreads from Lille area to the north of Paris. The expertise of its teams combined with modern and innovative printing techniques allows it to fulfill the most demanding requests.

Each project is different and its clients’ activities extend far beyond the North of France (Hauts-de-France). From the assistance in designing, to finishing and routing, Techniphoto group offers a wide range of services to complete its printing offering.

The achieved synergies create an infinite number of possibilities to help you optimize your communication.

Printing houses & services within the group

With a dozen sites and an exceptional set of machines, Techniphoto group guarantees its customers varied and first class services:
Impression Directe (Roubaix, 59): custom digital printing, web-to-print, automated workflows, production of books and customized documents;
Imprimerie Jean Bernard (Mons-en-Barœul, 59): sheetfed offset, long print runs;
Nord Imprim (Steenvoorde, 59): a printer concerned with environmental issues;
Monsoise Printing (Mons-en-Barœul, 59): offset and UV printing on closed substrates;
Numéri-Print (Saint-André-Lez-Lille, 59): large format digital printing, POS and special substrates;
Sodépi (Wissous, 91): luxury goods specialized unit;
Rapid Flyer (Marquette-lez-Lille, 59): online printing for professionals and individuals;
Ciscom (Lys-Lez-Lannoy, 59): routing workshop;
Technofa (Bondues, 59): finishing unit.

Standard digital printing, custom or on demand; all formats offset; multiple substrates; web-to-print;
personalized support…
Take advantage of Impression Directe and its partners’ know-how to boost your business!


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